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The importance of maintaining roof line trims and rain water goods is often underestimated. Roof line trims and rain water goods are an important feature designed to protect your property from rain water ingress and dampness. There are many shortcuts that can be taken in order to reduce roofline installation costs, however the consequences can have long term detrimental effects that can lead to rainwater ingress and rotting roof support timbers.

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All too often we have seen customers having capping boards fitted over existing timber fascias rather than having the old timber completely removed and replaced with uPVC.

This may seem the more cost effective option when presented to you in the short term, but in the long run is it really such a good idea? The rotten wood hasn’t gone anywhere; it is still there, deteriorating even more each year. Eventually the nails will come loose due to rotted and infested wood, leaving your fascias exposed and unsecure.

Grovewood highly recommend a complete UPV-c roofline and fascia replacement where possible.

There are a number of shortcuts that can be taken when replacing roof-line timbers and rain water goods in order to reduce the price. There is, however, only one way to do it properly to ensure you never need to worry about rotting timbers, felt or rainwater ingress.

10 Point Guide to Choosing a Roofline Contractor in Essex

  • Always ask friends and family to recommend roofline companies they have used and have been satisfied with their workmanship and service. Failing that ensure you use a roofline installer you know has a good reputation.
  • Never buy from someone who knocks on your door unless you are absolutely sure of their credentials. If in doubt ask for proof of their companies status, i.e. address, land line number.
  • Check with your local Trading Standards if you have any suspicions, they will be only too happy to advise you.
  • Always insist on getting a written quotation which details the price and exactly what you will get for your hard earned money. It is very easy for someone to promise you the earth and then deny it at a later date if questioned. A professional company will always be only too pleased to give you a full written roofline quote and specification.
  • Don’t be pressured into buying. If you are offered a so called ‘DEAL’ to make a decision on the day of the quote, only make that decision if you are absolutely confident it is a good deal and you know and trust the roofline treatment company or individual offering it.
  • Take time to think, many companies build in false discounts in order to make you feel you are getting a good deal. In most cases, this is just a sales tactic to get you to buy there and then. If they are confident they are offering good value for money they should be happy to let you think about it and compare it with other quotations.
  • By getting all of your quotes in writing with a full specification of work to be carried out and materials to be used, it gives you the opportunity to compare exactly what each company is offering in your own time without pressure.
  • Insist on a written contract. A contract is there to protect both the buyer and the seller. It should detail as best as possible the work that has to be carried out, the materials to be used and a firm price for the work detailed. It should also have the companies address, contact details, VAT number (if applicable), company registration number (if applicable).
  • Insist on a seven day ‘Statutory right to cancel notice’. If you sign a contract for home improvements in your house, the law gives you seven days to change your mind. When you sign a contract at home you should be given a ‘Statutory right to cancel notice’.
  • Ensure any contract you sign contain the companies ‘Terms and Conditions of sale’ and clearly states what deposit (if any) and stage payments (if any) you would be expected to pay and when. If you insist on a contract as outlined above, you will be in a much stronger position should anything go wrong with the job.

How Important Are Roofline Trims?

  • Roof-line trims and rain water goods are extremely important in ensuring the integrity of roof trusses and rafters. Poorly installed roof-line trims can cause serious long term structural problems which are often hidden from sight.
  • Standing water in gutters (or ponding as it is known) for example can cause water to continuously splash back onto rafter ends which, if it continues for a long time, can cause the rafters to rot and deteriorate.
  • If a form of gutter guard isn’t fitted, a build-up of silt and old leaves can stop water from flowing properly and cause ‘ponding’ (lying water) which can in turn lead to rotting rafter ends.
  • Failure to properly replace roof membranes can result in seepage or leaks that can cause serious damage to your roof. If left unchecked, this potential damage can cost thousands of pounds to rectify.
  • Downpipe guards can prevent them getting blocked to ensure a continuous water flow.
  • Using thinner fascia boards can save money, but can look extremely unsightly if it warps when exposed to the sun.
  • Whilst cheap gutters can save a little money, often joints are inferior and can lead to annoying and damaging leaks.
  • There are many ways in which the aesthetics of your roof-line installation can be enhanced, i.e. hidden over fascia ventilation rather than unsightly grids in the soffit boards.
  • There are many ways to save money when installing roof line trims, but, in general, you get what you pay for.

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