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How to Choose a Front Door: Best Entry Door Buying Guide

How to Choose a Front Door: Best Entry Door Buying Guide

The front door of the home should be considered one of the most important choices you can make for the whole property. Not only does it play a defining role in nailing the aesthetic of the front of the home, welcoming family members and guest alike, it also contributes to the overall security and safety of the home.

Here, we’re going to look at what you need to consider before you make your final choice.

How to Choose a Front Door: Budget

While it’s not all that matters, it’s a good idea to have a budget in mind before you start shopping. Take a look at the average price of different designs, sizes, and materials and find the price-points amongst the larger range that best fit your specifications.

Give yourself some wiggle room, of course, so you’re not just limited to one or two options. While you might want to budget your options to choose a more affordable one, don’t let it become such a priority that you’re willing to get a cheap door that will provide no security, insulation, or resilience.

Focus on buying a cheap door and you will end up with an ineffective choice that you’re most likely going to have to replace before its lifecycle is up.

How to Choose a Front Door: Material

There are a wide variety of different materials available for your door. There’s a range of sturdy natural woods, for one. This includes natural woods, which tend to be easier to personalize with decorative elements, like glass accents and side lights, but can warp under the pressure of the elements.

uPVC doors are remarkably long-lasting, easy-to-install, economic choices that fit the vast majority of modern homes, but have a clean, minimalist aesthetic that some may decide is lacking in personality.

Composite doors have very few visual or practical disadvantages, offering superior strength, durability, and climate control. The only downside is that they cost a little more.

How to Choose a Front Door: Design

The material is going to play a key role in what aesthetic properties are available to you, but every kind of door has some wiggle room when it comes to design.

For instance, uPVC and composite doors are open to a variety of different colours and finishes. When considering the design of the door, it’s best to consider the rest of the home.

In particular, think about its age. Is it a more traditional and rustic home that could benefit from the natural appearance of wood or composite doors?

Is it a sleek, modern design that the neat and contemporary approach of uPVC would work well with?

Bear in mind, if you live in a conservation area or a listed building, you aren’t going to have as many design options open to you.

How to Choose a Front Door: Security

There are several different factors that comprise just how safe a door is.

Lock-strength is important, even if lockpicking has declined recently due to the fact that modern technologies make modern locks much harder to pick. Choose a high-quality lock right from the start. In some material choices, such as uPVC, locks can be much harder to replace once they’ve been fitted, so account for the cost in your initial budget.

The resilience and strength of the door are going to make a big difference, too. Most modern hardwood doors are sturdy enough, but the steel-reinforcement of uPVC and composite security doors offer plenty of assurance that no-one is going to be able to break through without superhuman levels of force.

How to Choose a Front Door: Size

Doors come in a variety of different sizes. Fail to account for that and it’s easy to end up buying a door that simply does not fit your home. You can get extra panels if you have more horizontal space, so there is some room for adjustment there.

Before you start ordering any doors, however, make sure you get comprehensive, accurate measurements of the space in which the doors need to be fit. The width of the door compared to the amount of space you have inside the home makes a difference as well. If you don’t have enough space to open a door fully, then you can just imagine how difficult it will be to manoeuvre around the door when you open it and try to exit or enter.

There’s a lot of variety as to what kind of front doors you can choose, and which points you choose to prioritise are up to you. Whatever kind of door you want, check out the options available at Grovewood of Essex and let us help you find the perfect fit.

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