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Curved Windows in Essex – Arched / Rounded / Circular Windows

Curved Windows in Essex - Arched / Rounded / Circular Windows

When you’re choosing new windows for the home, it pays to know that there are a variety of different designs you can make use of.

Not every house has to have the same simplistic square pane windows. Indeed, you might already find that the space you have doesn’t allow for them.

If you have a curved window, rest assured that there are plenty of options to choose between when replacing them, and plenty of benefits to the different curved windows available.

Arched Windows

The variety that has the most resemblance to conventional windows, arched windows fit the same as them in most respects. Except for one difference.

They have a straight bottom and two straight sides, but with an arched top between them. This means that they tend to offer more light than both your average window and curved windows of other varieties.

They keep the practicality of your standard square window but add a little more personality up at the top.

Arched windows can be installed separately, or they can be added on top of existing windows or doors in spaces that you think could use a little extra light.

Rounded Windows

There are other kinds of curved designs beside your standard top arch window, as well.

For instance, gothic arches tend to be narrower, coming up to the top at a point.

Eyebrow windows as, as you might image, shaped like an eyebrow. They curve from thinner outer portions into a thicker inner-portion, not providing a lot of light but often used to add a decorative flair to existing windows or doors.

Curved design windows are perfect for a more contemporary look. They use one right-angled corner, almost looking like a triangle but for the fact that the connecting “line” between the straight base and sides is curved.

Your choice of rounded windows is all about what kind of aesthetic you want to give your home, so there are plenty of options worth considering.

Circular Windows

Finally, you can get windows that purely circular, with no straight lines involved at all.

Compared to the other kinds of windows named and the more contemporary square or rectangle options, an immediate downside is that these offer a little less light for the amount of space it takes to fit them.

However, they have a unique aesthetic quality that can add a touch of whimsy to a home with a more rustic appeal. They are seeing some more use in contemporary design, as well.

Circular windows come in both solid, non-opening varieties and designs that open on a pivot. They can’t open as widely as other designs, however, so do bear that in mind.

Why Choose Curved Windows

With such a broad variety of curved windows, there’s a whole range of different aesthetics that they can offer the home. The most obvious reason to choose a new curved window is that you already have space for them and it would be too much work to remodel the wall to fit the more common variety.

However, if you’re already remodelling or you’re building a new home, they do have some advantages worth considering. They allow for a much greater range of control over the aesthetic kerb appeal of the home.

They can help you soften up the appearance and give it a more era-themed or contemporary look to the house, depending on which you use.

Arch and rounded windows, when added to existing windows or doors, are a great way to let in more light as well.

Curved Windows: The Disadvantage

Every option comes with their own disadvantages. For instance, many of the rounded window varieties and circular windows tend to be harder to open, which means they offer zero airflow to the home and are primarily aesthetic. It can be harder to clean curved windows as well, as often they include angles of less than ninety degrees that can be difficult to reach the depths of it; dirt or dust is allowed to gather and settle there.

For the amount of space that they take up, as well, they always let in less light than square or rectangle windows that would take up the same space. So they are, essentially, an aesthetic choice dependent entirely on your tastes.

Unless you’re renovating or remodelling a space from scratch, the choice of different window shapes is likely going to be somewhat predetermined for you. If not, however, curved windows can offer the home some unique personality and curb appeal, so they’re well worth considering.

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