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What’s the Difference Between a Conservatory and an Orangery?

What's the Difference Between a Conservatory and an Orangery?

When you are looking at getting an extension for your house, the question ‘what is the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?’ is usually asked.

To answer your question we are first going to answer the questions: what is an orangery and what is a conservatory?

Orangery Definition

An orangery is similar to a conservatory except it is generally larger, it is more insulated due to part of the walls being built with brick and wood, along with it being a place where citrus fruits such as oranges are usually grown.

Conservatory Definition

Conservatories are an extension to a house and has a glass ceiling and walls. This is a place where plants such as shrubs and herbs can be grown.

What is the Difference Between a Conservatory and an Orangery?

The main difference between a conservatory and orangery, is that the conservatory has a larger glass surface area compared to the orangery. A conservatory has over 75% of the roof glazed, an orangery has less than 75%. A conservatory by definition must also have over 50% of its wall area glazed.

With orangeries, their walls are built with bricks, with massive windows inserted so you still experience the benefits of the sunlight. Meanwhile the roof of the orangery has a solid border with a glass arched roof in the middle to help brighten the room up.

Are Orangeries Warmer Than Conservatories?

Due to the orangery being built up with more brick work and solid insulating materials unlike the conservatory, yes, orangeries are warmer than conservatories.

Glass is not a good insulating material, which is why you usually find around autumn and winter that conservatories can be quite cold and chilly, therefore needing heaters to keep them warm.

This is why, although it can be a bit more expensive to build an orangery unlike conservatories, they could save you money in the long run as you don’t need to pay to keep heaters running.

How Does an Orangery Differ From a Conservatory?

Ultimately, the goal of these two forms of extensions are rather similar. They were both originally used to help particular plants grow and to protect them from the winter weather, the main difference is the design of the buildings and what type of plants these buildings are suitable for.

Now, majority of people use these extensions as extra space for their home and is somewhere for them to sit and enjoy the views of the garden and the sunshine.

Which is Best, Orangery or Conservatory?

Ultimately, your decision between orangeries or conservatories can only be answered by you, dependant on what style you are looking for and what benefits you are after from installing an extension.

If you are looking to gain great views of your garden and would use this extra space as somewhere to relax, admire the outside world and to get as much sunlight as possible, then we would recommend you getting a traditional or contemporary conservatory.

Choosing a conservatory that both suits your needs along with the style of your house is an extremely important decision. It is not only a decision that you must live with, but it is also an investment opportunity.

We would recommend you get an orangery if you want extra space that is more private, that has warmer conditions while still lets in a bit of sunlight, which you could potentially transform the orangery interior into a dining room or lounge.

For any further questions about conservatory designs and orangery extensions, please give us a call on 01268 578118 and we will be more than happy to help. We can also supply you with a FREE, no obligation quote.

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