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How to Know it’s Time for Replacement Windows

How to Know it's Time for Replacement Windows

As the weather is warming up and money isn’t so tight, it is time to start thinking about replacement windows.

When arranging a house renovation, there is always that question on your mind, “should I arrange the home window replacement now, or can it wait till a later date?

Read on to find out the answers to your questions such as “does replacing windows add value to your home and “how to know if your windows need replacing“.

How to Know When Your Windows Need Replacing

Home window installation becomes a necessity in your life if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  • Draughty windows – A noticeable draught or breeze coming in through the window edges, or frame.
  • Water vapour – Noticeable water vapour occurring inside the double glazing shows that the double glazing is getting old and needs replacing.
  • Broken window lock – For security purposes, it is important to replace windows with broken locks to avoid intruders from entering your home.
  • Window plastic insulation – To avoid the hassle and the cost of installing plastic insulation on your windows every year, install double glazed UPVC windows.
  • Windows and frames looking old – When your windows and frames are just generally looking old, don’t suit your home style or if your wooden window frames are rotting and are becoming draughty.
  • Stiff windows or windows that won’t stay open – If your window frames are painted shut, are tough to open or won’t stay open on their own.


Benefits of Replacing Windows

There are many replacing windows benefits; here are a few more important reasons to consider:

Does replacing windows increase home value?

If you are looking to move house or if you want to improve your property value then new window installation is a beneficial choice to choose. Double glazed UPVC windows are an easy modern home improvement that future homeowners often like to see on houses they are considering to by, since it has been proven to have many benefits, such as being an easy and hassle free option.

Does replacing windows save energy?

When experiencing draughty windows, to the point where you feel cold sitting near them, by going through the process of new window installation, there will be a noticeable difference at how warm your home feels.

The benefits of window renovation are endless, from a warmer home to lower energy bills.

Will replacing windows reduce noise?

With single glazing windows and windows where they have cracked or the frames are getting old or rotting, outside noise will enter your home much more easily unlike UPVC windows, which can assist in soundproofing your home.

Does replacing windows save money?

When replacing old windows with for instance UPVC double glazing, as the draught won’t be entering your home, there won’t be any need for your heating to be on so high, therefore saving you money on your heating bills.

If you are considering installing new windows, why not contact Grovewood of Essex today at 01268 578 118 to find out more about the different window styles we offer.

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