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Glass Box Extensions: A Frameless Conservatory Alternative

Glass Box Extensions: A Frameless Conservatory Alternative

When it comes to getting house extensions, you want them to look the best they can possibly be.

This is why we are introducing you to glass box extensions. While they have been around for a while, they are the best glass house extensions and a great frameless conservatory alternative.

Technical Glass Solutions

Through the use of technical glass solutions, unlike regular conservatories that feel cold during winter, your new frameless glass conservatories will feel lovely, cosy and warm meaning that you can now use them all year round no matter the weather.

Due to the strength of the special glue that is used, along with the thickness of the structural glass, this means that no extra frames are needed to keep these glass walls in place.

Benefits of Glass Extensions

There are an endless amount of benefits to having glass home extensions fitted.

Here are a few to get you thinking:

  • Glass Box Kitchen Extensions

If you are trying to think of a way to extend your house to make more room for either an extra bedroom or a dining room ect. then there is always the option of moving your kitchen into your modern glass conservatory.

How nice would it be to have breakfast in your glass kitchen extension while looking out onto the garden?

  • Room to Lounge

Your frameless conservatory is the ideal place to have a lounge, not only is it peaceful and relaxing but it is a wonderful place for you, your friends and family to catch up, especially on a lovely sunny day.

  • Playroom

For anyone who has children and is getting fed up of walking on or tripping over toys, the glass room can serve as a playroom for the children while you can relax in a mess free house.

  • Pet Room

Have you recently got a new pet? Worried about letting it loose around the house? Then another advantage to getting this modern extension is you can use it as a pet room until they are trained and trusted to roam freely around the house?

Glass Frameless Conservatories Create a Bigger and Brighter House

Frameless glass extensions are a great conservatory alternative, due to the luxurious feel they give your home, while allowing more light into your house. Sleek smooth glass covering most of the walls and ceiling can make your property look and feel bigger, allowing you to feel closer to the outside world.

Small Glass Box Extensions

Whether you have a large property and want a large glass conservatory to go alongside it, or you have a small home and want to make use of that boring, small, empty space outside your home, this glass structure will get you using that outside space more than ever.

Modern House Extensions are Investment opportunities

We all know that conservatories will increase the price of your property, which is why if you are going to get a conservatory or a house extension done, you need to ensure it is by a company that you trust, who complete their jobs to the best possible standards.

Not only that, but by getting a modern glass house extension added on to your home, it will stand out to the potential buyers as it is something interesting that not every house will have.

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