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Double Glazing or Secondary Glazing Windows? What Should I Choose?

Double Glazing or Secondary Glazing Windows

We have all heard of double glazing windows, but have we all heard of secondary glazing windows?

This blog update is to answer all those questions you may have about double glazing windows, secondary glazing windows, along with their advantages, disadvantages and differences.

Advantages of Double Glazing Windows

  • One of the main benefits of double glazing, is the thermal insulation (twice as effective compared to secondary glazing).
  • Usually double glazing will last for around 20 years.
  • Made to measure double glazing helps to provide a sound proofing barrier.
  • Aluminium (due to the strength of the material) and UPVC (thanks to its steel core) frames help to improve the security of your home.
  • Installing double glazing windows helps to protect your furniture from sun damage.
  • Double glazing will help to save you money on heating.
  • There are many different double glazing designs for you to choose from.
  • For those of you who are still wondering, “why double glazing?” then a massive bonus is that it increases property value.


Advantages of Secondary Glazing Windows

  • Often, secondary glazing is guaranteed for ten-years.
  • One of the main secondary glazing benefits, is the noise reduction (better at blocking out noise compared to double glazing due to the bigger gap between the two panes).
  • Made to measure secondary glazing reduces heat loss.
  • This option is cheaper compared to double glazing.
  • As secondary glazing doesn’t include replacing the whole window, it is also a lot more convenient.
  • Secondary glazing which is made to measure, increases home security.
  • This option will save you money on heating.
  • Secondary glazing windows also helps to keep condensation under control.
  • You can keep your existing windows while getting this done so that your home can maintain the same appearance.
  • This form of glazing is not only easy to install, but is also easy to remove.
  • Generally you won’t need any planning permission for secondary glazing, even if the building is listed or in a conservation area. However it is always reassuring to check before any work gets done.

If you are still wondering “why secondary glazing windows?” a handy advantage is that it is eco-friendly since it is made out of recyclable materials.

Disadvantages of Double Glazing Windows

  • One of the disadvantages of using double glazed windows is you will need planning permission if your home is listed or in a conservation area.
  • This style of window doesn’t suit all home styles, especially if UPVC windows are installed. However, this can be avoided through installing aluminium windows, where more colours and style windows are available.


Disadvantages of Secondary Glazing Windows

  • Secondary glazing windows can take longer to clean since you now need to clean four sides of glass, along with possibly being harder to clean depending on the style of secondary glazing which you are getting fitted.


What Should I Choose? Double Glazing Windows or Secondary Glazing?

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between double glazing and secondary glazing windows, the big decision comes down to you.

Some important questions to ask yourself before making a decision include:

  • “What is my budget?”
  • “Will double glazing suit my home appearance?”
  • “When do you need the glazing fitted?” While installing secondary glazing can be done all year round since it is an inside job, double glazing is best to be done in the warmer seasons since a whole window needs to be replaced.
  • “Are your old glass windows in desperate need of replacement, or you do want to simply improve the heat and sound barrier of your home?”

If you have any more questions about our made to measure glaze window styles, then please call Grovewood of Essex on 01268 578 118 or use the form on our contact page and our team will be more than happy to answer them for you.

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