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Contemporary or Traditional Conservatory: Which Style is for Me?

Contemporary or Traditional Conservatory: Which Style is for Me?

Choosing a conservatory that both suits your needs along with the style of your house is an extremely important decision.

It is not only a decision that you must live with, but it is also an investment opportunity.

For any of you who are wondering “do conservatories add value?” the answer to your question is yes. It will increase the price of your property, which is why it is vital to ensure that you make the right choice and get the job done properly.

Factors to Consider

There are a variety of factors that you need to take into consideration when making a decision like this:

  • Money

How much are you willing to spend on a job like this?

  • Purpose

What is the purpose of you buying a conservatory?

What will the conservatory be used for?

  • Size

Are you after a small conservatory or did you want something more spacious?

  • Style

Is there a particular style that you are aiming towards?

Will it fit in with the style of your house?

Types of Conservatories

There are two main types of conservatories that we will be focusing on:

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional

It can sometimes be a struggle trying to decide between contemporary or traditional conservatories however, if you take into account what you want to get out of the conservatory, the style you are after, your budget and how much room you have to work with, it shouldn’t be too hard to decide.

Contemporary Conservatory Design Ideas

When it comes to contemporary conservatories, there are two different contemporary designs that you can choose from:

  • Lean-to conservatory

This style of conservatory goes by a few different names: mono-pitch/lean-to conservatory while also occasionally being called Mediterranean.

A rectangular structure.

Single pitch roof.

Lean-to conservatories can be adapted to fit homes with small eaves.

Ideal for small homes, cottages and bungalows.

Will suit a wide range of properties.

Great for people on a budget.

An affordable option.

  • P-shape conservatory

This is also known as a combination conservatory as it combines two different types of conservatory styles to form the P structure.

When creating this conservatory, either a Victorian or an Edwardian conservatory will be created with a lean-to section to form the P shape.

This large conservatory is ideal for big properties.

This kind of conservatory is big enough that although it is one room, it could be converted into two.

Contemporary conservatories are more suited to modern houses.

Traditional Conservatory Design Ideas

We have two different traditional conservatory designs that you can choose from:

Octagonal structure.

Pitched roof.

Ornate ridges.

Perfect for small gardens as they don’t take up too much room.

Rectangular structure.

Pitched roof.

Flat front.

Plenty of usable space.

Traditional conservatories are inspired from historical structures – these conservatories are great to be added on to old, elegant properties.

Large Conservatories

If you have a big enough garden then our Edwardian and P-shaped conservatories offer plenty of room which can be used for multiple purposes, whether you are after a bedroom conservatory or a kitchen conservatory so that you can extend your house out more.

Small Conservatories

Struggling with ideas for small conservatories?

If you are struggling with space in your garden, but want to extend your house out more, then either the Victorian or the contemporary lean-to conservatory are your best options and can act as a conservatory lounge on those lovely sunny days, a conservatory playroom for those of you who have kids, or even a pet room.

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