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Top 10 Conservatory Uses: Why Should I Invest in a Conservatory?

Top 10 Conservatory Uses

When living at home, sometimes there never seems to be enough space in the house.

This is why conservatories are a popular home installation in the UK. They provide us with an extra room of space that can be used for multiple purposes, which also displays beautiful views of the garden.

The problem us at Grovewood of Essex have noticed, is that people are not taking full advantage of this bright and airy space, which is why we have brought you a list of the top conservatory uses.

Take a look and see what inspiration strikes for your own conservatory:

10. Conservatory Utility Room

While it may not be the most popular idea on our list, one of our small conservatory decorating ideas include transforming your small conservatory into a handy utility room.

9. Conservatory Gym / Indoor Swimming Pool

Are you running out of space in your house, with all of that gym equipment building up? Or are you desperate to install an indoor swimming pool in your home?

For those of you searching for bespoke conservatories, we would recommend having a home gym or indoor swimming pool in your lovely and light conservatory room, where you can be surrounded with the beautiful views of the garden.

8. Conservatory Kitchen Extension

At Grovewood of Essex, we fully support kitchen conservatory extension ideas. For anyone who enjoys cooking and baking, why not transform it into a relaxing experience, admiring the nature of the outside world, while waiting for those cakes and cookies to cook.

7. Conservatory Hobby or Craft Room

Whether it is cross stitch, knitting or sewing, your garden room extension will provide you with a calming light room with plenty of space to complete those craft projects.

6. Conservatory Relaxation / Sunroom

If you need a room to just simply relax in, where you can lay in the sun and get away from the TV and any work that needs completing, your garden room conservatory is the perfect location.

5. Conservatory Games Room

One of our many other interesting ideas for conservatory uses, include transforming it into a family games room, for those Christmas days where the whole family is gathering around the Monopoly game board, or those chilled evenings where you fancy a game of seven card rummy.

4. Conservatory Children’s Playroom

If you are getting fed up of treading on those painful pieces of Lego that suddenly appear under your feet, then why not make your conservatory room a games room for your children?

3. Conservatory Dining Room

For those special evenings where you have guests over, why not transform those bespoke conservatories and use it as a dining room conservatory? What better way to enjoy a meal than being surrounded by scenes of luscious green grass and beautiful blooming flowers?

2. Conservatory Office Space

A popular trend in conservatory styles, is using your conservatory extension as an office.

Your modern conservatory will provide you with the ideal lighting, especially if you install window shutters, so you can adjust the lighting. It is also out of the way in your home, so that when you are relaxing and watching TV, you don’t have stacks of coursework in full view on your table.

1. Conservatory Greenhouse

Finally, the most popular way to use your conservatory is as a garden room conservatory – a room to grow plants in. Why not? It provides the perfect lighting and can attract the heat during the summer periods, while keeping your plants out of the wind, rain and snow during autumn and winter.

If you’re searching for conservatory installation services, why not contact Grovewood of Essex today at 01268 578118 to receive a free quote and advice on what conservatory would best suit your home.

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