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Conservatory Style Ideas for my Home

Conservatory Style Ideas for my Home

While here in England, it may not yet feel like winter is officially over yet, it won’t be long until flowers begin to bloom and the leaves on the trees start sprouting once again.

It is that time of year when it is important to start planning what work you are going to be doing throughout the rest of the year:

  • Are the windows starting to look old and need replacing?
  • Have you been wanting to brighten up your kitchen and get bi-fold doors fitted?
  • Or are you desperate to extend your house and get a conservatory fitted so you can enjoy your garden throughout the whole year?

If the last bullet point is your goal for this year, then you are in luck as in this blog update, we will be discussing conservatory styles to suit your home.

Victorian Conservatories

This Victorian conservatory design is perfect for most homes and are ideal if you want to give your house a traditional or vintage touch.

They are often circular in shape and are perfect to use as an office or a sitting room, while relaxing in the warm sunny rays.

Edwardian Conservatories

Due to the conservatory sizes and square design of this house extension, Edwardian conservatories are more suited to larger properties and suit both modern and old properties.

One of their main advantages is the amount of floor space they offer, meaning it can be used as a sitting room, office or even a small dining area.

Regency Conservatories (Gable Conservatories)

Gable end conservatories suit big, spacious homes and will help to brighten up any house, due to the large glass windows and the see-through ceiling.

They are also nice and spacious, perfect to use as a place for you and your guests to relax, or to even use as a play room for your kids, where their toys won’t get in the way.

Lean To Conservatories (Mono Pitch Conservatories)

Finding conservatories for bungalows can sometimes be tricky, as you don’t want anything too big or that doesn’t suit your home’s exterior appearance. This is why we would recommend lean to conservatories as they lean on the property, meaning they won’t tower over your home.

They provide your home with a small extra piece of space, perfect to use as a sitting area or somewhere for you and a couple of friends to socialise.

Veranda Conservatories

If you are looking for a completely bespoke conservatory, that blends in with the exterior of your home then why not go for a veranda conservatory.

You can choose the colour of your conservatory or if you would like it to have a wood effect, plus you can decide what material you would like it to be made out of, whether it be upvc, hardwood or aluminium.

In addition, you also choose between solid roof conservatories or translucent roof conservatories, depending whether you want as much light to enter the room as possible, or for it to be a shaded area.

Another advantage of this conservatory is that you can feel like you are part of the garden while still sitting inside, as veranda conservatories come with bi-fold doors, allowing the air to circulate while protecting you in the shade on those beautifully sunny days.

Combination Conservatories

Combination conservatories are two different types of conservatories combined.

There are three different types of combination conservatories:

L-Shape Conservatory: An L-shaped conservatory is made up on a lean-to and an Edwardian conservatory.

P-Shape Conservatory: A P-shaped conservatory is made up of a lean-to conservatory and a Victorian conservatory.

T-Shape Conservatory: A T-shape conservatory is made up of two lean-to conservatories, with another conservatory in the middle, which can either be regency or Victorian.

While combination conservatories are great for any home if you are searching for spacious home extensions, due to the size of them, we would recommend they be fitted onto large detached homes.

For further information on different types of conservatories and to receive help on conservatory ideas that are best suited to your home, contact Grovewood of Essex at 01268 578118 or simply fill in our contact form.

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