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Conservatory Care Tips: How to Look After your Conservatory

Conservatory Care Tips - How to Look After your Conservatory

Like with any other part of the house, it is important to take care of your conservatory.

Your conservatory design is your pride and joy – a place to relax when the outside world is dreary – which is why it is necessary for your conservatory room to be a clean and calming place for you to escape to.

One of the biggest issues you will come across when having installed conservatories, is the build up of condensation in this particular room, which is why all of the conservatory care tips we will be providing you with in this blog update, will also help to minimise the amount of condensation that will buildup in the beautiful conservatory interiors.

House with Conservatory Ventilation

Naturally ventilating your bespoke conservatory is an extremely important matter, both to ensure you don’t get a build up of condensation and that the quality and appearance stays in good condition.

When you get a chance on those warm and sunny days, open up the windows and doors in the conservatory to allow the air to flow through.

Also, it is necessary to keep the trickle vents left open. Should you end up having to close the air vents, then ensure you especially open the trickle vents during periods when you haven’t been able to ventilate the house conservatory for a while.

Additionally, if your conservatory roof has a roof vent, then please also make sure you keep this open as well.

Bespoke Conservatories Heating

Both in homes and garden conservatories, condensation can be a nuisance and it is a matter of trying to find that even, between ventilating your home enough where it doesn’t build up, while also keeping your home warm for you and the glazing.

Our basic recommendation is to make sure you open some windows and doors in your wooden or UPVC conservatory during those warm sunny days. On the other hand, on those chilly rainy and wintry days, make sure you add some heat to your glass conservatory to warm it up a little.

Ideally, heating appliances are best located beneath windows so the temperature is warmer on the inside double glazing panel.

Meanwhile, if you notice condensation is becoming an issue in certain locations around the conservatory, try to slightly increase the heating in these areas.

Conservatory Care and Cleaning

To keep the conservatory in as new of a condition as possible, there are three important things you need to ensure you do on a regular basis – ideally a few times a year:

• Make sure your gutter and drain pipes are clear.
• Clean off any moss and algae that is growing on your glass or tiled conservatory roof. After this task has been done, a mould removal solution will come in handy to try and prevent anything from growing back for a while.
• Finally, clean the windows and conservatory frame with some soapy water and a soft sponge. Avoid using anything abrasive at all costs as glass and UPVC can easily get scratched and damaged.

Last but not least, please make sure that should you need conservatory repairs, that they get sorted out sooner rather than later to ensure that the issue doesn’t get worse.

If you would like any other help or advice on issues you come across with your conservatory, or if you are considering having a conservatory extension installed, then give Grovewood of Essex a call today at 01268 578 118 (CLICK TO CALL).

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